Christmas Markets: the most beautiful in Europe and Italy

This year Christmas Markets, after a year of stop due to the Covid 2019, are ready to enlight all Europe’s streets again, with their lights, their tastes and the joy of typical songs. Let’s go discover together the most beautiful in Europe, and then we’ll move to Italy with a focus dedicated to this Country!

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Europe’s Christmas Markets: the top 5

Mercatino di Natale
Photo by Lāsma Artmane on Unsplash

What are the best Christmas Markets in Europe this year? The European Best Destination ranking has chosen the 5 winners:

#5 Brussels, with more than 200 wooden chalets

Brussels’ Christmas Markets are part of a series of events called “Plaisirs d’Hiver”, which will spice up the Belgian capital from the 26th of November till the 2nd of January, 2022. The city will be full of markets, a great occasion for having fun and meeting also thanks to the collateral events, such as musical appointments, concerts and lots more!

#4 Vienna, open air magic for families

Christmas in Vienna
Photo by Anton on Unsplash

Cookies and vin brûlé are the main characters during the Christmas period in Vienna, starting in mid-November! Furthermore, during the magical Advent period, this city allows visitors to take a deep dive in the traditional atmosphere, between presents, decorations, artisan works and a lot of typical activities, such as creativity laboratory!

#3 Poznan, a place where one can taste delicacy and find inspiration

Christmas in Poznan
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Starting from the 6th of December, in Poznan are traditionally organized three Markets, also known as “the Bethlehem of Poznan”, and in this occasion wooden stalls selling original gifts, handicraft, decorations, typical sweets (including the “Cornetto di San MarinoIGP”) are set up. One unmissable appointment is the International Festival of Ice Sculpture (10-12 December), when the Piazza del Mercato hosts the competition among the best ice sculptors in the world.

#2 Budapest, romantic and fairy-talish

The most singular market in Budapest is the Budapesti Karacsonyi Vasar, set up in one of the most beautiful squares in Pest, Vorosmarty tér Square. It is a market of pure craftsmanship, where visitors can find ceramics, fine porcelains, carved glass, handmade hats and gloves, stationery and much more. This market welcomes its visitors also with typical Hungarian food: don’t miss the flodni cake!

#1 Basel, Christmas atmosphere in every corner

There’s a magical atmosphere in Basel during Advent. The two stunning Christmas Markets – thanks to which Basel has gained the first place, are set up in the old town, located in the city centre. The wonderful tree decorated by Johann Wanner, the Christmas specialist, is placed in this area.

… and where should one go in Italy to visit the most beautiful Christmas Markets?

The magic of Christmas can be breathed everywhere in Italy, and all the cities, from north to south, are even more beautiful when dressed up! As this magical day approaches, the will to get lost among the lights, the tastes and the atmosphere of Christmas Markets… we have chosen 10 Markets, not to be missed for their peculiarity!

#10 Arezzo, Tuscany

Christmas in Arezzo
Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

After a year, the larger Tyrolean Markets are back! The sixth edition will take place in Piazza Grande from the 20th of November to the 26th of December: between stalls full of Tuscan and Tyrolean products, decorations, gift ideas, Arezzo is definitely worth a visit, both if you’re traveling alone, with a partner and with your family!

#9 Verona, Veneto

Thousand of lights to enlighten the old town, a huge comet star in Bra Square… At Christmastime, the city of Romeo and Juliet offers a really special atmosphere! The typical market, set up in Piazza dei Signori, partnered with the one in Nuremberg: in this authentic Christkindlmarkt visitors can taste local specialty, admire wooden houses… not to be missed!

#8 Gubbio, Umbria

At Christmastime, Gubbio is one of the trips you wouldn’t miss: here, besides the Market in Quaranta Martiri Square, you can admire the biggest Christmas Tree in the world… a record that is worth the stop in this stunning medieval village!

#7 Canale di Tenno, Trentino

La magia del Trentino a Natale
Photo by Michael Krebs on Unsplash

If you desire to visit a really special Christmas Market, Trenno won’t disappoint you! Here, stalls are even in cellars and in old stables: at night, when it is dark outside, the feeling of participation and welcome is so strong! On December 26th, when the whole country turns into a single large living nativity, the show is ensured!

#6 Candelara, Marche

Christmas candles
Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash

“Candles in Candelara” is the event’s name. 7 days full of events will liven up the 18th edition. Candles of every shape and scents will be the protagonists of the event, with Christmas crafts and artistic objects. Not to be missed!

#5 Aosta, Valle d’Aosta

Between 20 of November and 6 of January 2022, Aosta hosts its Christmas Market. The Alpine Village, with over 30 typical wooden chalets decorated with lights and garlands, is set up among the Roman Theater ruins. The resulting atmosphere is so charming and fascinating!

#4 Grazzano Visconti, Emilia Romagna

Santa Claus
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Grazzano Visconti, one of the most beautiful villages in Emilia Romagna, hosts a Christmas Market which, through the years, has become one of the Italian Advent’s unmissable events! People can enjoy the atmosphere, both visiting the 80 stalls of Christmas Market, which sells handicrafts and gastronomic products, quality objects and curious gifts, and taking part at other events, such as gospel choirs, shows, a food & drink area and the Santa Claus House. Amusement for all ages!

#3 Bolzano, South Tyrol

It’s been almost two decades that each Christmas, Bolzano’s Christmas Market, the biggest in Italy, is set up in Walther Square! Its charme and wonderful decorations, together with the streets enlightened for the Advent and the magic atmosphere make Bolzano one of the best holiday destinations during Christmastime: not to be missed!

#2 Santa Maria Maggiore, Piedmont

For all the mountain lovers who come back each year to the Piedmont Alps, Santa Maria Maggiore’s Christmas Markets are a real reference! Authenticity and awesomeness are the event key words, characterized both by the quality of more than 200 artisans that each year take part at the event, and by the beauty of location. During this year’s event (from 6 to 8 December) local artigian will open their workshops’ doors, allowing visitors and locals to have a deep dive into the artisan tradition of the area. Christmas choirs, decorations, and typical food will be the background of the unmissable event.

#1 Carezza Lake, South Tyrol

The winner of the best Italian Christmas markets is… “Christmas Magic at Lake Carezza”! For several reasons these markets (opened from 27 November to 19 December, but only during weekends) have been placed at the first place. One reason is the location: the coniferous forest and the Lateman’s heights frame the market, and the sight is even bigger when Carezza Lake is frozen. Furthermore, the setting is wonderful: a lot of lit lanterns shape a bright path, which guides visitors across the itinerary… it is absolutely worth a visit!

The Europe Christmas markets in this article

The Italy Christmas markets in this article

Christmas experiences in the world do not end here.

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